Jeetzo Apk Download-Get ₹88 Bonus-जल्दी से लूटो

App NameJeetzo Apk Download

Jeetzo Apk Download
Download LinkCLICK HEAR
Jeetzo Apk Download
Sign Up Bonus88
Min Redeem100
Min Add Cash11
Lunch DateTODAY
official websiteCLICK HEAR

दोस्तों मार्किट में एक और कमाल का ऐप्प आ गया है जिस अप्प का Jeetzo Apk नाम है Jeetzo App जिस अप्प में अप्प सारे कार्ड्स गेम्स खेल कर पैसा कमा सकते हो तो आज की इस आर्टिकल की में मैंने इस अप्प की सारी इनफार्मेशन दिया है आपको की कैसे इस Jeetzo App अप्प को आपको यूज़ करना है

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About Jeetzo App ,Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo Apk Download

यह Jeetzo Apk एक मनी कार्ड्स गेम्स है इस Jeetzo App अप्प में आप सारे कार्ड्स गेम्स खेल कर इस अप्प से पैसा कमा सकते हो

How To Install Jeetzo Apk

इसको डाउनलोड करने के लिए सबसे पहले ऊपर दिए हुए लिंक पे क्लिक करे

  • अब आपके सामने Jeetzo App Ka वेबसाइट ओपन होगा
  • यह आपको Jeetzo App डाउनलोड का ऑप्शन मिल जायेगा
  • डाउनलोड पे क्लिक करके आपको Jeetzo App डाउनलोड कर लेना है

इस Jeetzo Apk me कैसे आप 88 बोनस ले सकते है इसका बिबरन मैंने निचे दिया है

How To Login in Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App

  • सबसे पहले Jeetzo Apk ओपन कीजिये
  • आप आटोमेटिक इस अप्प में एंटर कर जओय्गे
  • यहां से आपको bind का ऑप्शन शो होगा
  • यह आपको क्लिक करना है
  • अब आपको अपना मोबाइल नंबर और पासवर्ड सेट करना है
  • अब आपके मोबाइल पे एक otp आएगा उसको दाल दे
  • Yha Jeetzo App Aap में रजिस्टर कर चुके हो

रजिस्टर करते हे आपके Jeetzo Apk गेम्स अकॉउंट में 88 क्रेडिट कर दिया जाता है

Refer And earn In Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App

इस Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App में आप अपने दोस्तों को यह शेयर करके भी पैसा कमा सकते हो इसके लिए कुछ स्टेप आपको फ्लो करना होगा जो की मैंने निचे बतया है

  • सबसे पहले निचे दिए हुए रेफेर एंड ीर्ण पे आपको क्लिक करना है
  • यहां से आपको शेयर करने का ऑप्शन मिल जायेगा
  • अब यहां से आपको होने दोस्तों को शेयर करना

आप Jeetzo Apk जितना ज्यादा रेफेर करोगे उतना ज्यादा कमओयगे इसके लिए आपको एक रेफेर पे इस अप्प में 80 रूपये मिलता है इसको लेने के लिए आप ने जिसको रेफेर किया है अगर ओह Jeetzo Apk इस अप्प में ऐड कॅश करके गेम्स खेलता है तो आपको उसका 80 + 30 % का कमिसन मिलता है इस अप्प में

How To Redeem In Jeetzo Apk

  • सबसे पहले आपको Jeetzo Apk गेम्स के होम पेज पे
  • विथ्द्रव का ऑप्शन शो होगा
  • क्लीक करके आपको कुछ इनफार्मेशन डालना होगा
  • आप अपना बैंक या upi id दाल ले
  • और अब आपको जीतन पैसा निकलना है
  • उसको दाल कर विथ्द्रव क्र ले

How to add money to Jeetzo Apk? Follow Below Steps

  1. If you want to add money to Jeetzo Apk game, then first of all open the game. After this you will see  +  made at the top, click here.
  2. After this you have to choose any one option from 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 Chips. Here the value of 1 Chips is ₹1.
  3. After selecting the value of the chips, click on Add Cash written below.
  4. After this, in the next option, you will see the option of UPI 1, UPI 2 and Paytm. 
  5. Here you can choose any option according to your convenience. If you opt for UPI 1, a new page will open on the browser where you will have to enter your UPI ID.
  6. After entering the UPI ID, you can make payment from the respective app. 
  7. This is how money is added to the Jeetzo game.

Jeetzo App First Deposit Parmotion

First Deposit 101rs150 INR CLM5 DAY
First Deposit 301rs300 INR CLM10 DAY
First Deposit 501rs600 INR CLM20 DAY

Loss Cash back Bonus In jeetzo app

इस अप्प में अगर आप पैसे लोस्स भी करते हो तो उसका भी अगले दिन आपको बोनस मिलता है निचे मैंने आपको स्टेप by स्टेप बताया है

Loss AmountBonus

All Games Informaton In Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App

इस Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App में आपको सरे कार्ड्स गेम्स मिल जाता है जिसको आप खेल कर पैसा कमा सकते हो

  • PUBG
  • BEST OF 5
  • 7 UP DWN
  • TEEN PATTI 20 20
  • 10 CARS

Jeetzo Apk,Jeetzo App add Cash Offer


How To Earn Money With Refer And Earn In Jeetzo App?

  1. If you want to earn through Refer & Earn in Jeetzo App, then go to the main interface of the application and click on Refer & Earn button. 
  2. After this, you will see the WhatsApp logo made at the bottom, click on it. 
  3. After clicking on the WhatsApp logo, you can send the link to download this app to your WhatsApp friends or in any group. 
  4. As soon as anyone downloads from someone using your link, you get a bonus. 
  5. Apart from this, if he adds money for the first time then you get his 30% commission. 
  6. After this, as soon as he adds money to this game, you will get his commission.

Tips to Make More Money in The Jeetzo AppHow to earn money from Jeetzo App

If you want to earn money from Jeetzo App game then you should have good knowledge about any game present in it. Because if you do not have knowledge about the games present in it like Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, 10 Cards and Variations, then you may have to face defeat. But if you are already well aware about it and come to play this game as an experienced player then you can definitely win and you can win a good amount by betting some of your money.

1. Referring a friend to the game has a lot of privileges you will earn cash once your friends have completed the registration. You will also get 30% of your friend’s tax amount. The more your friends play, the more you earn. Earn unlimited cash when you add a new referral and when your referral friend plays. Cash bonus will be credited to your account directly every day2. By sharing our  exclusive links using other social media platforms (such as Facebook, WhatsAPP,

Youtube, etc)You will get a lot of priveleges. You will get additional bonus that will be automatically added into your game account. You will also get 30% of your subordinate’s tax amountThe more subordinates you have the bigger you earn, Cash bonus will be credited to your account directly every day.3. promote our game app,by sharing your exclusive link  to different social media platforms, such as Facebook or WhatsApp and other software. The more subordinates you have the bigger you earn and that will be  automatically added into your game account. You will also get 30% of your subordinate;s tax amount.4.

Do you want to earn real big commissions? Share our game to as many as you can and get commissions daily, which you can withdraw at any time of the day! Encourage your friends to play together and share with them the fun and thrill of playing our game!5. It’s your time to step out of your comfort zone of being just a player! Be an extraordinary! Be our Agent and enjoy its additional benefits! Share your link and earn commissions instantly!6. Be our Agent and get 30% of your friend’s tax amount! The more friends you refer, the more money you will earn.Start earning unlimited daily by sharing your link to your friends!7.

Playing becomes profitable when playing with your friends. Make money under the comfort of your own home! Become our agent! Invite friends and get commissions daily! What are you waiting for? Share your link with your friends and earn money instantly!8. Are you thrilled of our games? Do you want to get some commissions that you can use to play more of our games? What are you waiting for? Become an Agent and have the opportunity to play our games without needing to top up!9.

 Earn money without working so hard! Come and join us! Be our Agent! Share the game, enjoy the fun of playing with friends, and get commissions every day!10. Being our agent can make you earn commissions everyday with just a few clicks. Get the satisfaction of playing by also earning at the same time. Join us!Share your link and be our Agent.11. Do you want to enjoy and earn commissions at the same time? This is your chance! Be an Agent and earn commissions quickly!

What Is VIP In Jeetzo App

Daily Bonus:- Logon everyday to claim daily bonus. Weekly Bonus: Logon every week to claim weekly bonus. Monthly Bonus: Logon every month to claim Monthly bonus. Level Bonus: Upgrade to next level to claim Monthly bonus. Daily Bonus:- Log on daily to claim Daily Bonus. Weekly Bonus: Log on every week to claim the weekly bonus. Monthly Bonus: Log on every month to claim the monthly bonus. Level Bonus: Upgrade to the next level to claim the monthly bonus.


If you like to play Teen Patti game and want to earn a lot through it, then teen patti Jeetzo App game can be the best option for you. Because this game provides you the facility to bet and win money in a safe way. It is also very easy to transfer the winning amount to the bank account in this game. Apart from this, it is completely legal as well so you do not have to worry about anything.


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