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Choose From Top 20+ Insurance – Best Insurance Plan

Choose From Top 20+ Insurance – Best Insurance Plan

Whay Auto Insurance

Protecting the assets of our military is an honour. We work hard to reflect your commitment to duty, honor and integrity, and we will work just as hard for you. With Armed Forces Auto Insurance, you’ll get a personal insurance agent dedicated to you, coverage plans built with the unique needs of the military in mind and flexible options to protect your assets and budget.

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car insurance explained
This information is only a general description of the types of auto insurance available. All auto insurance coverage is subject to policy provisions and applicable endorsements.

Car Liability Coverage
Pays for the damages if you are legally liable for accidentally injuring someone, or for damaging another vehicle or other property in an auto accident. Liability coverage also pays for legal defense and court costs,

Coverage Categories:
Bodily Injury Liability – Covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other special damages.
Property Damage Liability – Covers property damaged and may include loss of use.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Pays the reasonable and necessary medical expenses for covered persons for treatment due to an auto accident, including rehabilitation, lost earnings, replacement of services, and burial expenses.
Medical Payments
Pays reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses for covered individuals when those expenses are related to an auto accident.

Collision Coverage
Pays for damages to a covered vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object, or a vehicle rollover. A deductible is necessary.
Comprehensive Coverage
Pays for loss of or damage to an insured vehicle not caused by a collision or vehicle rollover, such as fire, wind, hail, flood, vandalism, theft, or striking an animal. a deductible may apply

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Pays for damages when a covered person is injured in an auto accident caused by a driver without liability coverage. In certain states, this auto insurance coverage may also pay for property damage.
Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Pays for damages when a covered person is injured in an auto accident caused by another driver who has inadequate liability insurance.

Rental Refund
Pays for rental services when your vehicle is disabled because of an auto accident.
Emergency Road Services
Pays for having your vehicle towed because of a breakdown.

Why get an Insurance Business Insurance policy

Protecting the businesses our military personnel and veterans make is an honor. We work hard to reflect your commitment to duty, respect and integrity, and we’ll work just as hard for your business. With AFI you’ll get a personal insurance agent dedicated to you, as well as business insurance coverage plans built with the unique needs of your business in mind

Types of Business Insurance available

There are several coverage options available to protect your business. Our experienced military and veterans business insurance agents can help find the best coverage to protect your investment while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Business Properties
You take pride in your buildings, equipment, stock, and supplies. No matter your size, location or industry, Armed Forces Business Insurance offers flexible insurance solutions.
Business Liabilities
A growing business can have lots of moving parts. Accidents can happen on site and off, affect employees and customers, and leave your business liable no matter how careful you are. Liability insurance may help cover attorney fees, medical expenses, and other damages in the event of a liability judgment.

Business Vehicles
More than 16,000 traffic accidents occur per day. Whether you use your own car, have a fleet, or rely on employee vehicles to get the job done, the veterans and military business insurance experts at Armed Forces Insurance can find the protection you need to help keep your business moving forward.

Worker’s Compensation
Workers’ Compensation insurance covers medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes injured or ill on the job, but it also protects companies from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that could cause an injury or illness. Required in nearly every state, Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to ensure payment on behalf of employers for the cost of injuries or occupational diseases.

Builders’ Risk
No matter how big or small your construction or renovation project is, you need insurance protection that goes beyond construction materials. A Builder’s Risk Policy protects your investment, which means it will help replace your income as well as your expenses. You need a flexible agent like Armed Forces Insurance who realizes that the risk constantly changes with every phase – from the hole in the ground right up until your building or home is completed.

Whay Collector Vehicle Insurance

There’s a huge difference between collector vehicle insurance policies and regular auto policies. Some benefits collector vehicle insurance includes:

Agreed Value Coverage – In case of a total loss, you will get the full amount of insured value on your collector vehicle policy.
No Deductible In most states, you pay nothing if you have a claim.
Restoration Coverage – Protects your collector vehicle with increased value during the active project.
What kinds of collector vehicles are covered?
Some types of collector vehicles that are covered include the following:

muscle cars
street rods
Modern classics
Vehicles under active restoration

flood insurance

Flooding can happen just about anywhere whether it rains or snows. On average, 40% of flood insurance claims occur outside the high-risk flood areas. That’s why it’s important to protect the life you’ve built with flood insurance, even if you live in an area with low-to-moderate flood risk.

Standard homeowner and renters insurance policies do not cover damage from when groundwater rises and floods your home. Flood insurance goes beyond the standard insurance policy coverages and protects you from more severe water damages.

What is Federal Disaster Assistance?

Federal disaster assistance is available only if the president declares a disaster. Less than 50% of all flooding incidents are awarded a Federal Disaster Assistance declaration. If the President declares a Federal Disaster Area, most disaster assistance is provided in the form of a loan that must be repaid—principal plus interest.

When should I purchase flood insurance?

It is important to buy flood insurance before a flood risk occurs. In fact, most flood insurance policies require a 30-day waiting period after purchasing before coverage will go into effect.

What is the cost of flood insurance

The cost of flood insurance depends on where you live and your home itself. According to FEMA the average cost for flood insurance in the U.S. it is around $700 per year. Considering that the average flood claim payout from the National Flood Insurance Program is around $52,000, it’s certainly worth investing in flood insurance.

Why Insure with AFI?

Protecting the homes of our military is an honour. We work hard to reflect your commitment to duty, honor and integrity, and we will work just as hard for you. With AFI you’ll get a dedicated personal insurance agent, coverage plans built with the unique needs of the military in mind, and flexible options to protect your home and budget.

Life Insurance

Life insurance should be an essential part of the financial planning for every family. Protect your family from the lost income, medical bills, and funeral expenses that can happen with an unexpected death from illness or accident. In addition to providing a lifeline during a time of loss, life insurance can help ensure that your dreams of college education, magical marriages, and a comfortable retirement can still be provided for as planned.

Armed Forces Insurance has teamed up with the AFBA to provide access to life insurance protection you and your family can count on. An AFBA member benefit funded by life insurance underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company offers features tailored to the military family.

Additional features:

Coverage ranging from $50,000 to $400,000. Based on your individual situation, you determine how much coverage is right for you and your family.

No medical examination up to age 50 for $250,000 of coverage and up to age 60 for $100,000 for military members. For spouses, no medical examination under age 40 up to $250,000 and under age 50 up to $150,000. Coverage is not guaranteed to issue and is depend upon the answers to the health questions.

Complete coverage after retirement or separation. As long as contributions are paid, coverage continues to age 70. (After 70th birthday, coverage terminates on coverage anniversary date.) There are no employment restrictions, so regardless of what you do after the military or any health issues that may develop in the future, you’re covered.

Motorcycle and Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

  • Bike insurance can protect you from the following:
  • Paying for the repair or replacement of another motorist’s vehicle or property, including vehicles, houses, or other structures
  • Paying medical costs, loss of income, and funeral expenses of other people involved in an accident
  • Additional coverage for accessories, such as: saddlebags, backrests, and chrome pieces.
  • Damage when it hits or is hit by another vehicle or object
  • Protection against theft, fire or vandalism

Pet Health Insurance

AFI provides one simple, yet comprehensive plan, to cover your cat or dog against accidents and diseases (except those that are pre-existing) including the following:

Breed specific conditions
Cancer Treatment
Diagnostic testing and imaging
Surgery, hospitalization, and nursing care
Alternative therapies and rehabilitation
Emergency room and specialist care
Counseling or Exam fees
Prescription Drug Coverage (optional)
The policy can be customized to fit any budget without sacrificing coverage. For example, the policyholder might want 80% reimbursement with an annual $500 deductible.

Each pet has an annual maximum for reimbursement which can be set at $5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $30,000.

There is no lifetime maximum on the policy.

Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a supplemental liability policy that acts as an additional financial safety net. An Armed Forces Umbrella Insurance policy gives you an additional layer of liability protection over and above your auto, homeowner or renter policy when an unexpected event occurs.

  • An umbrella policy usually covers:
  • Injuries You Cause to Others
  • Damage you cause to other people’s property
  • Injuries or damages caused by your renters
  • Certain lawsuits, like slander and defamation.
  • What coverage options are available?
  • AFI provides coverage options ranging from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in most states.

Valuable Items Insurance

Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies include coverage for personal items such as jewelry, watches, and firearms. Many policies, however, limit the dollar amount for theft of these valuable personal possessions. Protecting your valuable items from damage is affordable with a Valuable Items Policy from Armed Forces Insurance.

Items covered under a Valued Items Policy include:

  • Fine art/antiques
  • Jewelery
  • Firearms and weapons
  • rare books
  • Manuscripts
  • Furs
  • China and crystal
  • musical instruments
  • stamps and coins
  • cameras
  • Silverware

Every $1,000 in coverage is $9 per year with no deductible. Minimum pricing per item is $100. Appraisals are requested on all items insured, and are required for any item valued at or above $10,000. Gemstones valued at or above $10,000 require a current assessment from a graduate gemologist.

 watercraft insurance?

A watercraft policy insures you and your craft against liability and damages in the event of an accident. The type and amount of coverage you will receive will depend on the specific watercraft policy you purchase.

How does a watercraft policy protect me?
Whether you store your watercraft at home or docked elsewhere, make sure it’s protected with watercraft insurance. A basic watercraft policy would cover you from damages caused by:

A collision
An accident
Malicious mischief
Most watercraft policies cover physical damage to:

The Hull
On-board equipment
Watercraft trailer for damage from an external cause.



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