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Moya App Sassa Mod APK (DataFree)

Moya App Sassa Mod APK (DataFree)

About Moya App Sassa Mod APK

Moya App Sassa Mod APK If you are from Africa and require an app that can send messages, voice and video call your friends and family, look no further. With the Moya App Sassa, published by Datafree Africa Pty Ltd, you can enjoy sending instant messages on your smartphone. This awesome app is known as an all-in-one instant app because of its ability to send various types of messages from text to voice notes and more. The interesting thing about the app is that users can use it across various networks.

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The developer of this app is Moya App Sasa, a telecommunications company in the Philippines. This company aims to provide the fastest and most reliable communication services in all the countries where this app is being used. Users of the app can easily interact with others and enjoy various other features that the app offers. Download this app today and be among millions of users enjoying this app!

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Name Play StoreMoyaApp datafree
NameMoya App Sassa APK 5.7.1 (DataFree)
Genre Play StoreCommunication
Size 33.63 Mb
Size Play Store33.32 MB
Developers Play StoreDatafree Africa Pty Ltd
Date Updates Play StoreJan 30, 2023
Rate Play Store4.0
Short Desc Play StoreMoyaApp is your datafree lifestyle in South Africa. No airtime? No problem.

The instant messaging app

Telecommunication has slowly turned into an essential aspect of life that the human race cannot live without. Via various channels, we can be able to share messages, photos, and videos with our loved ones. Currently, Moya App Sassa is the one application that millions of people across the world don’t want to miss on their mobile gadgets. The app provides a perfect communication capability to the users. With the help of this app, users can perform many functions such as sending messages, voice notes, and voice or video calls to other users.

Moya App Sassa comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface for users through which they can easily access all the features of the app. If you run into any difficulties while using this app, the provider of the app offers a standby quick customer service system that will give you prompt and personalized assistance. Don’t hesitate to download and use this app so that you can chat and share memories with your loved ones in form of photos and videos!

Moya App Sassa Features

This is one of the best apps that functions as a messenger in different countries across the globe. Here are some of the features that the users are enjoying.

Send Unlimited Messages & Voice Notes

With this app, a user will be able to send instant messages without incurring exorbitant data charges on various supported networks. You can also send message attachments where you can attach photos, documents, videos or even share your location. The app can be used across different network providers such as MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom. The most interesting thing is that this app allows you to make free calls to your friends! This is undoubtedly the best voice and video calling app when compared to other apps.

The application uses data for voice and video calling and warns the user before making any calls. This is a great way of making calls and chatting with your loved ones who may be far away from home. for corporate users, they can hold uninterrupted meetings using the group chats and group video call function offered by this app. you don’t have to worry about your security because this app comes with end-to-end encryption capabilities that will keep all your communication safe and secure.

MoyaPayD Features

This fascinating feature of the app lets users receive and send money via their mobile devices. Basically, this feature integrates multiple online banking services in one app. Besides, you can also use the money services to top up your accounts. Pay, send money, receive money, withdraw cash, swipe, EFT, buy mobile data or airtime, pay electricity bills and other bills, and more with the i-account that this app provides.

Available In Different Countries

Since its inception, the Moya Messenger app has been widely used in South Africa. However, it has gradually penetrated in other countries around the world. Other countries where interested users have access to the app include Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon, and Uganda. That’s because there are supported networks including MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Vodacom, and others.


– The Moya App Sassa requires the user to register with Moya’s number. That implies that you need to be a user of the Moya network in order to access the functions of this app. however, the application and registration process is nothing to make you worried. It is simple and straightforward and you can do it in minutes.

check your account balance

  • It is prudent to note that this application offers various packages or subscriptions, the user will need to top up credit to be able to use this app. As excepted with every app where you top up the credit, this app offers you a feature that allows you to check your account balance.

Offline Messages

This app keeps you always logged in even when you are offline. The messages will be saved into the app when your phone is turned off. Never missed messages!


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