Home Card Games Rummy Ares Apk Download-Download Rummy Ares App-महा लूट 51₹ जल्दी लूटो

Rummy Ares Apk Download-Download Rummy Ares App-महा लूट 51₹ जल्दी लूटो

Rummy Ares Apk Download-Download Rummy Ares App-महा लूट 51₹ जल्दी लूटो
Rummy Ares Apk Download

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Friends, if you are also searching for rummy app with more bonus, then wait is over, I am going to give you such an amazing app whose name is Rummy Ares Apk which has just arrived today you have got 51 in this amazing Rummy Ares Apk. In this Rummy Ares Apk, you will get all the card games that you like to play, in today’s article I will tell you how you can earn money from Rummy Ares Apk.

App NameRummy Ares Apk
Download LinkCLICK HEAR
Rummy Ares Apk Download
Sign Up Bonus51₹
Min Redeem100₹
Refer Bonus90₹
App size34MB
Need Rummy Ares Apk Download

Rummy Ares App Review ?

Rummy Ares App is a 23+ card games app in which you get a lot of card games that you can earn a lot of money by playing in Rummy Ares App and you can also withdraw the money you win from Rummy Ares App.

Rummy Ares Apk Download Steps ?

To download Rummy Ares Apk Download you have given some steps, by following which you can download Rummy Ares Apk.

  • First of all click on the Rummy Ares Download button given below.
  • By clicking on the button
  • you will go to the Rummy Ares site.
  • Now click on the download button.
  • Then click on the OK button.
  • Rummy Ares will be downloaded in Apk in your mobile.

Now you can install Rummy Ares And follow the further step by step process.

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Steps To Login Rummy Ares App

  1. First Rummy Ares App.
  2. install on your phone.
  3. Now you in Rummy Ares App.
  4. go to automatic games.
  5. Now on your profile.
  6. click it for you.
  7. mobile number bind.
  8. will show the option of.
  9. whatever your number is.
  10. put it on your number one.
  11. The OTP will come after daling that OTP.
  12. You create your account in Rummy Ares App.

From here you login after following all these steps, then you will get a bonus of 52 in Rummy Ares App, which money you can do in playing games in Rummy Ares App.

Steps To Add Cash Rummy Ares Apk ?

  • Select your amount or write it below
  • Change your payment method & add funds
  • Just KYC. click on
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Then select your UPI
  • Make a payment and send now Wait for payment to be completed
  • You have been paid.

Steps To Refer And Earn In Rummy Ares App ?

  1. If you want to earn from Refer and Earn in Rummy Ares App,
  2. go to the main interface of the application and
  3. click on Refer and Earn button.
  4. After this you will see the WhatsApp logo at the bottom,
  5. click on it.
  6. After clicking on the WhatsApp logo,
  7. you can send the link to download
  8. this app to your WhatsApp friends or any group.
  9. As soon as someone downloads from someone using your link,
  10. you get a bonus.
  11. Apart from this, if he adds money for the first time,
  12. then you get his 30% commission.
  13. After this, as soon as he adds money to this game,
  14. you will get his commission.

Games available In Rummy Ares Apk ?

  • Andar Bahar
  • Tiger Dragon
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • 10 card game
  • variation game
  • Best of five game

Steps To Refer Freinds In Rummy Ares Apk ?

  1. How to watch and earn Rummy Ares Apk?
  2. Open Rummy Ares Apk, Refer and Click on Earn Icon
  3. Get Refer Cash – After your friends
  4. register and KYC complaint
  5. Receive 30% of a friend’s tax amount –
  6. The more your friends play, the more you earn.
  7. Earn Unlimited – You get bonus every day
  8. when you add a new referral or your friend plays.
  9. Cash bonus will be credited directly to your account every day.

Steps To Eran Money Weekly Bonus From Rummy Ares App ?

Friends Rummy Ares App also get weekly bonus which can make you rich because in Rummy Ares App weekly bonus if you earn 1000 rupees to 3000 rupees a week by referring then you get 500 rupees extra weekly bonus. And as you earn money by referring more in the week, you will also get more weekly bonus. The list of which you can see below, in the weekly bonus, you have a chance to get an additional bonus of up to Rs 2 lakh.

  • 1000 /3000=500₹
  • 3001 / 5000=1000₹
  • 5001 / 8000 = 3000₹
  • 8001 /10000=6000₹
  • 10001/ 15000 = 10000₹
  • 15001 / 20000=15000₹
  • 20001/ 30000 = 20000₹
  • 30001 / 50000 = 30000₹
  • 50001 / 80000 = 60000₹
  • 80001 // 100000 = 100000₹
  • 100001 / 999999999 = 200000₹


  1. Ply Online – With your friends
  2. Play in your language – Choose between English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi
  3. Lots of Variations – different game modes with more added regular
  4. Gifts – Send fun and exciting gifts
  5. Chat – send and retrieve quick messages from your friends
  6. Works smooth on slow Internet connection. Rummy Ares works on any data connection or WiFi. yes! This works great even on 2G.


Failure to follow restrictions or terms of service can get user account suspended, hacked or permanently banned. Please read the following restrictions which applies to the use of the service:

  • We recommend that minors over the age of 13 and below the age of 18 shall ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anybody over the Internet.
  • User must not use the service if User is under the age of 13. User must deny anyone under 13 to use User account. User are fully responsible for any unauthorized use of the service including not limited to
  • the use of credit card or any payment by any method.
  • User shall use User account only for non-commerical entertainment purposes.
  • User shall not use the service for any other purpose,
  • such as collecting chips from different accounts or by any other means.
  • User shall not use User account for any illegal activities.
  • User shall not use User account to transmit repetitive messages (spam),
  • junk e-mails, advertise and solicit.
  • User shall not use profanity or language that discriminates or maliciously
  • targets another person in any way. This includes User profile photo.
  • User shall not use user account to cheat or hack the game by any means.
  • Lossing on purpose as a means of transferring chips can be tracked easily,
  • and this behavior will have User chips taken and banned.
  • User shall not sublicense, lease, trade, gift,
  • sell or otherwise transfer User account or associated virtual
  • items partly or completely to anyone without written permission from Ashenfallous.
  • User shall not buy or get chips, bonus and any other
  • virtual items from any unofficial source such as links from
  • unknown sources or people promising free chips, etc.
  • Users are allowed one account per social network to use the service.
  • In addition, Users cannot use multiple accounts to attempt to accumulate free chips.
  • This behavior is readily detectable and will result in
  • all User accounts being suspended and/or banned.
  • Users shall not use scripts and manual processes to
  • habitually accumulate free chips.
  • Users shall not use any of the services or create an account or
  • use an account if Users has been removed or banned from using the service.
  • Users shall not use any of the Ashenfallous game or service if Users do not agree
  • with the terms of service and User license to use the service shall immediately terminate.


Because this game provides you the facility to place bets in a safe way and win money. In this game it is also very easy to transfer the winning amount to a bank account. Apart from this, it is also completely legal so you do not need to worry about anything.


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