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Touch n Go eWallet Mod APK 1.7.89 (Unlimited money)

Touch n Go eWallet Mod APK 1.7.89 (Unlimited money)

Touch n Go eWallet Mod APK Nowadays people shop online. Courtesy of apps that offer online markets, you can purchase anything you want from the comfort of your sitting room. So, you can just go to an online store rather than the physical one.

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Shopping this way is much more convenient so you should download and install the Touch n Go eWallet app. This is one of the best online store apps that have brought the market closer to you. With this app, you can easily order and pay for items, just as you would using a physical wallet.

Touch ‘n Go is transforming Malaysia’s mobility of digital transfers of money & goods. It is a transformation pioneering flawless customer experiences for millions of people across the country. With every effort, the developer has been at the forefront of the Fintech revolution – to enhance the lives, work, and play of this wonderful country

Touch n Go eWallet Mod APK Download

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Name Play StoreTouch n Go eWallet
Name Touch n Go eWallet Mod APK 1.7.89 (Unlimited money)
Short ModUnlimited money
Genre Play StoreFinance
Version 1.7.89
Size Modcombo.Com91.63 Mb
Developers Play StoreTNG Digital Sdn Bhd
Date Updates Play StoreDec 28, 2022
Rate Play Store4.4

The ultimate Malaysian digital wallet

For more than two decades, Malaysia has been on track towards a cashless society. The release of the Touch’n’Go app is a huge and crucial influence on the success of these efforts. More than half the country’s population uses mobile apps as an integral part of their lives.

The Touch n Go e-wallet Mod is an excellent version of the Malaysian online payment platform cum digital wallet. It enables you to pay by QR code at over 280,000 merchant touchpoints. In fact, you can pay tolls, e-healing, on-street parking, taxis, or car-sharing apps via RFID.

In addition, you can pay directly, mobile phone prepaid recharge, payment of bills, managing peer-to-peer money transfers, pay for purchases on apps or eCommerce websites, order food delivery, renew auto insurance or buy unique insurance plans, and buy movie, train, bus, and plane tickets.

Download the app now and conveniently settle any bill, anywhere, at anytime!

Touch n Go Ewallet Features

This app comes with great features which make it the best online payment platform for Android.

Pay Anything, Anywhere – you can pay bills in hundreds of places with the Touch n Go e-wallet. For example, you can pay for purchases on e-commerce platforms, manage peer-to-peer money transfers, order food delivery, renew or buy insurance plans, buy movie tickets, buy a bus, train, and plane tickets, and much more.

In addition, you can pay bills payable & utilities such as Samsung, Maxis, YES, Unifi, redONE, and Astro bills! Never stay without a connection! Interestingly, you can even pay off your PTPTN loan using this eWallet!

Pay for groceries & pharmacies too. Get all the groceries you want from Tesco, Jaya Grocery, Mydin, 7-11, 99 Speedmart, KK Mart, and more. Order & pay for your healthcare needs from Watsons, Petronas, Caring, Guardian, AA Pharmacy, BIG Pharmacy, Alpro, and more. Download the app now, go cashless, especially at a time like this when virus can be transmitted using notes and coins.

Easy Top Up – you can easily and seamlessly reload money on the wallet. To reload the wallet, you can use your Maybank, cimb bank, HSBC, bank Islam account, rhb bank account, or bank staiwan national account.

Also, you can use your credit/debit cards for reloading. Make reloads more convenient or even set up an auto-reload!

You must connect your bank account to fund the wallet with real money. Paying bills, utilities, and other services is as simple a task as taking money out of your wallet. There’s no need to always keep all your money in the bank while there is a safe way of having your money with you on a secure and reliable android app.

Transfer of Money in One Step – Touch ‘n Go eWallet users can transfer money instantly with a simple click of a button on their smartphone. Moreover, a transfer to their mobile numbers is simple and direct. Use RFI to pay tolls with direct pay the balance in your eWallet and not your card! RFID tags are available for purchase through the app.

Unlimited Transactions – The app doesn’t have a limit that restricts the number of times to transact. That implies that a user can transact as many times as needs arise. That said, you could transfer money to your mobile number, buy groceries, pay for tolls, top up sim card credit, pay for purchases at a supermarket, pay utility bills, and more all in one day!


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