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Rummy Vs Download- Rummy Vs Apk- सारे App का बाप App

Rummy Vs Download- Rummy Vs Apk- सारे App का बाप App

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VERSION 7.00.1
App NameRummy Vs Game
Download LinkCLICK HEAR
ANDRIOD OS5.0 and up
Rummy Vs Download

How To Download & Register Mobile Number, Create Account Rummy Vs

  • Click Here Download Button & Install Rummy Vs Game Open And Login & Play As Guest
  • Click On Profile Bind Your Mobile Number , OTP, And Password
  • You can Forgot password or Change it any time

How To Add Cash On Rummy Vs Game

  • Click On + Button
  • Choose your Amount or Write down
  • Change your payment method and add money
  • Just Click on KYC
  • Enter Your Mobile Number And Email Id
  • Then Select Your UPI
  • Pay and Send Now Waite it for Done Payment
  • Your Payment is done.

How to add money to Rummy Vs? Follow Below Steps

  1. If you want to add money to God Cow Game game, then first of all open the game. After this you will see  +  made at the top, click here.
  2. After this you have to choose any one option from 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 Chips. Here the value of 1 Chips is ₹1.
  3. After selecting the value of the chips, click on Add Cash written below.
  4. After this, in the next option, you will see the option of UPI 1, UPI 2 and Paytm. 
  5. Here you can choose any option according to your convenience. If you opt for UPI 1, a new page will open on the browser where you will have to enter your UPI ID.
  6. After entering the UPI ID, you can make payment from the respective app. 
  7. This is how money is added to the Rummy Vs.

How To Withdraw Rummy Vs

  • Click On Withdraw Icon
  • Select Cash To Bank – Cash To UPI
  • You can do as much as your amount withdraw. The minimum you can do is Rs 100.

How To Withdrawl Money From Rummy Vs?

  1. If you are playing God Cow Game game as a guest and want to withdraw the money you win from this game to your bank account, then go to the main interface of the game and click on Withdrawa button.
  2. Here you will have to verify your mobile number as well as create a new password. 
  3. After completing this process, you will have to provide your bank account information. 
  4. After this you can very easily transfer the money won in this game to your bank account.

How To Earn Money With Refer And Earn In Rummy Vs?

  1. If you want to earn through Refer & Earn in Rummy Vs, then go to the main interface of the application and click on Refer & Earn button. 
  2. After this, you will see the WhatsApp logo made at the bottom, click on it. 
  3. After clicking on the WhatsApp logo, you can send the link to download this app to your WhatsApp friends or in any group. 
  4. As soon as anyone downloads from someone using your link, you get a bonus. 
  5. Apart from this, if he adds money for the first time then you get his 30% commission. 
  6. After this, as soon as he adds money to this game, you will get his commission.

How To Download Rummy Vs?

  1. If you want to download God Cow Gamegame, first of all click on the link given below.
  1. After clicking on this link the downloading page of this game will open in your browser.
  2. You will see it written on the page as Download To Play, click on it.
  3. After clicking on it a pop-up to download the APK file of the game will appear. After that click on Download button and download its APK file. 
  4. After that you install it. Before installing the APK file, you will be asked the option to Allow Unknown Sources. 
  5. After allowing Unknown Sources, that game will be downloaded and you will be able to play the game in it.

How To Play Wheel Of fortune Game In Rummy Vs App

  1. Players can choose the color of the turntable.
  2. Winners
  • -blue and yellow winning odds are 2.2x. For 100 Play amount win 220.
  • -Red winnings odds are 10x. For 100 play amount win 1000
  • 3.Playing amount is 10 to 100,000
  • the pump
  • 5% of the winners

How To Play Andar Bahar Game In Rummy Vs Apk

Game Rules

  • The dealer shuffles one deck of 52 cards pick one card randomly from the available
  • deck and places if face up,which would be the “Joker Card,against which bets can
  • be placed for that game. Players can choose to bet on either ANDAR or BAHAR bet
  • spots for the hand. A minimum bet amount is required to be placed which would be
  • the default selection when clicked on the bet spot.The player can increase or decrease

ame Result

If the number on the dealt card matches the value of the game card,the game ends.

Bet Types

Players can choose to be on either ANDAR or BAHAR spots.


Wins on ANDAR side gets 90%
Wins on BAHAR side gets 1006

Andar and Bahar Side Bet Options

  • To spice the game up there is a range of side bets.The side can be played with or with-
  • out a main hand bet. The objective is to pick the number of cards that will be dealt
  • before a match with the “Joker card is made.The payouts are more generous than
  • the main game round, with the highest being 120:1,for 41 or more cards dealt.



6-10 11-15 16-25 26-30















0.00 U.00


How To Play Rouletee Game In Rummy Vs Apk

Rule: How to play

A table for European roulette contains 37 numbers, 36 of which are split into

three rows in ascending order. The remaining number(“zero”) is at the begin
ning of the table

Game Rules

  1. For each chance of roulette, one of the numbers from 0 to 36 will

appear randomly, and the last position where the ball stops is the

lucky number.

  1. The number are divided into color, side, odd, even, the first, two or

three rows and the first two or three dozen.

Betting Area


Ia .nri


Betting Area

[Direct note (1:35)]

Directly press the number, including 0.

[Split bet (1:17)]
Bet on the dividing line of two numbers.

[Street Note/Three Numbers (1:11)]

  1. Street bet: bet on three horizontal numbers, bet on three numbers

to bet the chips on the sideline of the row with three number on the

roulette table (Such as 7, 8 and 9);

  1. Three numbers: bet on the handover area of 0,1,2 or 0,2,3.


[Corner bet/Four numbers (1:8)]

  1. Corner bet: bet on the middle of the four number (On the cross of
    the grid);
  2. Four number: place the chips on the left of the intersection of 0
    and 1 and bet the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.

[Line bet (1:5)]

Bet the chip to the top intersection of the lines. Bet on two street

bets, that is, six numbers in two lines (Such as 28, 29, 30 and 31, 32,
33 from a line).

[Three sides (1:2)]

[Three sides (1:2)]

There are three boxes with the words 2to1 at the bottom of each

column of numbers on the table. This kind of betting area does not

include 0(Such as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36); Place

the chips in the betting area with 1st12, 2nd12 and 3rd12 to bet 12

at the same time numbers (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 respectively).

[Double-side (1:1)]

  1. Red/Black, the winning number will be red or black, a total of 18
    numbers bet (not including 0);
  2. Even/Odd, betting on the winning number will be odd or even with
    a total of 18 digits (not including 0);


SU ep coms 1o piay

How To Play 10 cards Game In Rummy Vs Download

Game Rules

When the sum of the numbers on the card is greater than or equal to 10, the
one-digit number is taken as the number of cards issued by the authorities.
The total number of points for both the bank and the player is the same,
that is “harmony”.

Betting odds
[Playerl 1:1
[Banker 1:1
[Tiel 1:8
[Player Pair/Banker Pair] 1:11

(Return the bet amount when the tie is opened)
(Return the bet amount when the tie is opened)



How To Play Teen Patti 20 20 Game In Rummy Vs Apk

Game Rules

  • Teen Patti 20-20 is played with one deck of 52 cards. On the table,you will notice that
  • there are four betting spots in front of the seated position A or B. At the right.you
  • have”pair+ and Bet”in the middle is the betting spot for “Tie and 6 card Bonus” and
  • the spot on the left is the spot for “pair+ and Bet”.
  • The game begins when the players place a bet on either of the bet spots which must
  • be equal to the minimum amount indicated for that particular table.Each player has
  • the option to make an additional “Pair Plus”wager or a “6 card Bonus”or a “Tie” wager
  • that awards a bonus to the play(s) who receives a hand consisting of certain and com-
  • binations as listed in the tables below.Once the player has finished placing his bets,the
  • dealer distributes one card to player A and one card to player B placing it face up. Each
  • hand is dealt three respectively. On distribution of 3 cards to each hand,cards on both

hand A and Bare compared and the hand which has highest card combination wins. f
both hands [A and B] has the same rank then it’s Tie game.In case of a Tie game,the
bets in the main bets are pushed and a bet on Tie gets the payoff.

Bet Types

1.player A Pair+. player B Pair+.
2.player A. player B
4.6 Card Bonus

How To Play Baccarat Game In Rummy Vs Apk Download

Game Rules

When the sum of the numbers on the card is greater than or equal to 10, the
one-digit number is taken as the number of cards issued by the authorities.
The total number of points for both the bank and the player is the same,

  • that is “harmony”
  • Betting odds
    [Player 1:1
  • (Return the bet amount when the tie is opened)
    (Return the bet amount when the tie is opened)
  • Bankerl 1:1
  • Tiel 1:8
    Player Pair/Banker Pair) 1:11
  • Congratuatons! suesta/e Win

How To Play Lucky Ball Game In Rummy Vs Apk

How to play

  1. Pick a number from 0 to 9
  • Odds of winning are 9x
  • For correct guests, 100 play amount will win 900
  1. Guess range of number

1) Low 1 to 4

  • Odds of winning are 2.3x
  • For correct guests, 100 play amount will win 230

2) High 6 to 9

  • Odds of winning are 2.3x

For correct guests, 100 play amount will win 230

3) Joker 0/5

  • Odds of winning are 4.5x
  • For correct guests, 100 play amount will win 450
  1. Playing amount 10 to 100,000

How To Play Black jack Game In Rummy Vs App


if you want to win, you must get 21 points or higher
points than the dealer. If your points exceed 21 points,
you will lose. If you get the same hand points (i.e.
pairs), you can choose whether to divide the cards and

  • divide the two hands into two hands. A can be used as:
  • 1 or 11: if the sum of the points of your two hands is
  • O/11 points and there is no a in your hand, you can
  • choose whether to double bet. Only one additional card
  • can be drawn after Ldouble; lt cannot be doubled after
  • split]. If the dealer gets a clear card in his hand, you
  • can choose whether to buy insurance. The insurance
  • premium is half of the bet made by the authorities.

VIP Privileges In Rummy Vs Download

  • Daily login bonus: Log in daily to claim daily login bonus.
  • Weekly Rewards Log in to claim every Monday. Bonus expires at 00:00 on Thursday.
  • Monthly bonus: Log in to claim every 1st of every month. The bonus expires at 00:00 on the 8
  • Level bonus: upgrade to the next VIP level to claim level bonus

Is Rummy Vs Safe?

A lot of people think that this game is not included in google play store, so it can be unsafe. But this is not the case at all because it is legally recognized in India. For your information, let us tell you that in accordance with the policies made by the Google Play Store, no such game or application is uploaded to the Play Market, which provides you the facility of betting or placing real cash and winning.

This can be understood with an example that the way apps like dream11, Paytm First Games, provide facility to win money by investing real cash, they are not available on Google play store. That is, to download them, you have to go to their official website and from there download its APK file and install it on your smartphone. 

Similarly, Rummy Vs cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store, for this also you have to go to its official website and download the APK file. This gaming app does not make any dent in the security of your smartphone. Rummy Vs is completely safe and the amount you add and win here is completely safe. You can easily transfer the winning amount to your bank account.


If you like to play Teen Patti game and want to earn a lot through it, then teen patti Rummy Vs can be the best option for you. Because this game provides you the facility to bet and win money in a safe way. It is also very easy to transfer the winning amount to the bank account in this game. Apart from this, it is completely legal as well so you do not have to worry about anything.


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