Home Card Games Win 789 Apk Download- Download Win 789 App और लूटो 200 रूपये फ्री बोनस- Best App

Win 789 Apk Download- Download Win 789 App और लूटो 200 रूपये फ्री बोनस- Best App

Win 789 Apk Download- Download Win 789 App और लूटो 200 रूपये फ्री बोनस- Best App

Win 789 Apk Download-Win 789 App-Download और लूटो 200 रूपये फ्री बोनस

So if you too are tired of searching for any such rummy games or real money games, then don’t worry, today I am going to give an amazing app which has just come in the market in which you are going to get free bonus up to 200 and The point of earning is that you are going to get all the card games in this, which you are going to earn a lot of money by playing.

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Win 789 Apk Download

App NameWin 789 App
Download LinkCLICK HEAR
Sign Up Bonus100+120daily bonus
Refer Bonus60rs
Refer Bonus Com30%
Min Add Cash11rs
Min Withdrawal 100rs
Downloads Size 32mb
Update On2022
Need Win 789 Apk Download
Win 789 Apk Download

How To Download Win 789 Apk

  • Above you will find the download link of Win 789 Apk
  • Click on click here now it will take you to google chrome
  • Where you will open Win 789 Apk official site
  • You will get the option to download Win 789 Apk below
  • Where you can download Win 789 Apk by clicking on download

How To Login In Win 789 App

  • Best of all, you have to install Win 789 App on your
  • Must be installed in mobile phone
  • After installing Win 789 App, now you get Win 789 App
  • then open you to login
  • Enter your mobile number then otp will come to your mobile number
  • Now the otp that has come on your mobile number, you will have to
  • Win 789 App is the login page then you have to create a Win 789 App account

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How To Play Games And Earn Money From Win 789 Apk

In Win 789 App, if you want money, then you will find many card games in it, which you can earn money by playing. In this, take cards rummy three patties, if you do not want to play cards games then you get dragon tiger and 7oop down’s B games in it.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. 7up dwn
  4. Dragon
  5. Car
  6. Slots
  7. Crad Roulitee
  8. Zoo game
  9. Criket
  10. Ipl
  11. 10 Crads
  12. 20 20
  13. Point Rummy
  14. Good Fortune
  15. Crash’
  16. jahndi Munda
  17. Criket batle
  18. LUDO
  19. fising
  20. Phonix
  21. Andar Bahar
  22. BTI Sports

How To Deposit In Win 789 App

  • First of all you have to go to the game page of Win 789 App
  • You will get the option of deposit
  • Now you have to click on deposit, whatever amount you have in Win 789 App
  • Select the deposit you want to make then to make the payment
  • Cards or ipi la option will be available which you can select and deposit in Win 789 App

How Refer And Earn Money From Win 789 Apk


Rewards Example

ReferralsBet AmountReward’s Ratio
Win 789 Apk Download

Welcome Gift In New User For Win 789 Apk

Step'1 Create account get 11rs
Step2' Bind User Name get 11rs
Step3' Complete The First Deposit Claim Supersize Bonus
Step4' bet For Amy Games Get Betting Rewards
Step5' Login Next Day Received More Benefits

Deposit Bonus In Win 789 Apk

Single Add CashMin BonusMax BonusSingle Add CashMin BonusMax Bonus

Betting Bonus up To 55555₹ In Win 789 App

Total Bet AmountRebate Ratio
Win 789 Apk Download

Win 789 Payment Proof

FAQs Win 789 App

Deposit Problem

     Guess you wanna ask
     1.Unable to deposit In Win 789 App
     A: If there is an error during the payment procedure, such as transaction interruption, account error, payment closing, etc., please open the payment interface and submit your order again, we recommend you to use the more convenient and faster UPI payment method

     2. deposit not received In Win 789 App
     A: Your deposit through UPI or Banktransfer is usually received within 10 minutes. There might be delay during holidays and weekends. If it takes too long, please access your order history to submitted an appeal.

     3. Deposit related appeal In Win 789 Apk
     A: You can appeal against unreceiving deposit orders at [History] and the Help Center. Please make sure that the information you submit is correct. It will take 1-2 hours to review the appeal, and you will receive the deposit promptly upon approval.

Withdrawal Problem

    Guess you want to ask
    1. Why I didn't receive the withdrawal In Win 789 Apk?
    A: Normally, it will take 10 minutes for the funds to be credited into your beneficiary account via UPI and less than 30 minutes via Banktransfer. However, your withdrawal may be delayed on holidays and weekends or due to the network condition or bank channel issue. It's recommended to use PIX to withdraw. Additionally, please make sure the account information is correct so as not to prolong the processing time.

    2. How long does it take to review my withdrawal request In Win 789 Apk?
    A: Normally, the review will be completed within 30 mins. If there are a large number of withdrawal requests, our reviewer will process them in order. Payment will be issued immediately upon approval. Please wait patiently.

    3. How to edit beneficiary account In Win 789 Apk?
    A: Enter the lobby and click [Withdraw] → [Beneficiary] → [Edit] and enter your safebox password to change your beneficiary information.

    4. How long does it take for funds to arrive In Win 789 Apk?
    A: It depends on how fast the bank will process your order. The funds can be credited within 30 mins normally.

Account Issue

     Guess you wanna ask
     1. Account Error In Win 789 Apk
     A: To ensure a fair gaming environment, users who violate the rules will be suspended, such as fraud, malicious arbitrage, bonus hunting and other illegal operations. Please abide by the rules and play fairly.

     2. Enable to get verification code In Win 789 Apk
     A: You can receive up to 10 codes in 24 hours after receiving the first validation code. Please wait for the ban to expire when the system prompts frequent operations. It is recommended to set an account and password to login and keep the password information safely.

     3.How can I set/change the password In Win 789 Apk?
     A: Click the avatar in the lobby to access [Profile] and click [Change Password] to change the password through the bound telephone number.

Account balance exception In Win 789 App
A: The coins amount is your account balance if you login to the official account. You can click the avatar to acccess [Profile] in the lobby, then click the [Logout] at lower right to login guest account to check remaining. The upgrade by binding phone numbers will not change your balance of guest account.

Game Trouble

     Guess you wanna ask
     1. Game lag, unable to quit or enter other game In Win 789 App
     A:The game lag is related to the phone performance and we recommend that you force the APP to close and restart it. If necessary, you need to shut down your phone and restart to try again.

     2. Disconnected often In Win 789 Apk
     A: Since some games require high level of use of the network, please check your current environment and switch to a more stable and smooth network.

     3. Discording automatically In Win 789 Apk
     A: Please make sure you have no other activities during the game, operate in a timely manner, and play in a stable and smooth network environment.

     4. Games Crash In Win 789 Apk
     A: Make sure your phone memory is enough, the system is updated to the latest version and try not to run multiple apps at the same time. Clear phone cache, if needed, you can restart or reinstall the app.

Event Queries

     Guess you wanna ask
     1. How To Claim VIP Birthday Bonus ?
     A: The bonus will be distributed on your birthday based on the highest VIP level in the final 3 months after setting your birthday date.

     2. Event-Related
     A: If you have any questions about the events, please send a screenshot of corresponding event promotion in the APP and describe your question in detail, so that we can give feedback quickly.

Download Link

     Guess you wanna ask
     A: Download our newest APP at https://megacasino.win

     2. How to share with friends
     A: On the left side of the game lobby, you can slide the notice board to see the official website link and the official website QR code. Share the app with your freinds by website link or invite them to scan the QR code.

     3. IOS Trust Certificate Error
     A:Enable to open the app? There are two ways to solve it, never get lost: 1. Uninstall the app→Download and reinstall the app→ Trust the certificate 2. Settings→Airplane Mode→[Safari] scroll down to lowest→Clear history and web data→open the APP→Turn on network.

Business Collaboration

     Guess you wanna ask
     1. How to become a marketing agent of the platform?
     A: The partnership scheme is being tested now. You will see the partnership entrance into the game lobby after it lauches. Share your unique promotion link with your friends to earn commission. Before the plan is launched, you can click [Business Collaboration] below to send your relevant information, and the partnership plan will be open for you first.

     2. How's the profit sharing after being a promotion agent?
     A:Once become an agent, share your personal link to your friends to start earning bonus. Our platform offers transparent profit sharing rules and high rebate. It's possible to earn money while staying at home and become millionaire.


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